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Oh lookie, a whole blank space! What shall I do with it? Tell you about ME maybe? Or maybe not? Would really hate to get slapped again or have somebody telling my friends they... errr... well, that's not impotant anymore cuz they weren't very obedient so they all still live which I think is a rather good thing. Where were we? Oh, we were deciding if I should tell about me, right? Errrr... I live in the Netherlands, in the city with the largest cheesmarket worldwide *gets slapped for bragging* *slaps back cuz it's absolutely true* and I'm also the chief administrator of the largest techno music forum worldwide *gets slapped* *slaps back yet again* which is even the 6th largest forum of ALL internet forums in the whooooooole world *back and forth slapping sounds* but am still the mostest famoustest as the creator of StickHorsie who isn't yet famous enough to be on Wiki yet....

Wot? You read ALL of this?

Want me to go on?