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General Information[edit]

I'm currently enrolled at Pensacola Junior College, looking to get my Associates of Applied Science in Computer Science.

I co founded The Alley Development LLC. I'm a web developer. Feel free to contact me anytime about making a site. (ohiloveyou)

Contacting Me[edit]

  • eMail:
  • AIM: iamnotaaronw or gehnaru
  • Jabber: or
  • 850-492-0925
  • 3432 Bowker Dr.
    Pensacola, FL 32506

Sites I've created[edit]

  • My personal blog.
  • Gordy's Pizza Buffet [] A site I made for a local restaurant.
  • mermade in dixie [] A site I was paid to make for a local artist.
  • Tennis Mafia [] I helped a few friends make this site. I don't upkeep it, Robby does.
  • [1] Treestand Organizer [] A site a friend paid me to make, for his invention.

See Also[edit]

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