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This too shall pass,Sustained heightened state of awareness=relaxed optimization
Inner light=To paraphrase, human laws are fallible, and ultimately we must rely on that of God within us in order to conduct our way through the grey areas of life;
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  • TERMINATOR 4 (No need to use arnold again.)
  • SLAN-BY AE Van Vogt.
  • Kung Fu The Movie (No need to use D. Carradine)
  • Doogie Howser M.D. The Movie

List of strange linguistical coincidences[edit]

  • You ,Hebrew/Arab=Anta, Japanese, Anata/ Hindi=Tu, Spanish Tu
  • Drink, Tagalog=inum, Japanese, nomu
  • Name, Japanese=namae, English=name, Sanskrit=nam.

Do right away. Delay complicates and attracts failure. Optimum brainwave,state of alertness,Divine illumination Failure loves vagueness. Alpha, success, alert Success loves definiteness , planning.
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Catholic -Religion

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[Code of Kalantiwa Hoax]
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Spaced repetition,Category:Memory

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lycos Jap tech glossary


Datu Sikatuna, lakandula


TECHNOLOGY Market info



  • Marcelo H. Del Pilar [2]

Desert rat mole Miskito indians[3]


Hakuin Ekaku,satori,jewish , christianity is false



[ Philppn trivia , oldest universities User:Jondel/Horacio De la costa/Chavacano material

Map in 1512, Before Magellan?
Spanish Christianity in Phil
Hispano Fil ,Guillermo

Chavacano horacio, hispanofilipino


Southeast asia

Christian Samurai/Daimyo


-Huk,Luis Taruc,Dino Ignacio, Yehey creator, Us inventor, Accelerated Technology ,Creole,flash elorde, Paeng Nepomoceno, Gary Valenciano?,Other filipino grandmasters User:Jondel/TODOTELEMACHUS Spolarium,Nicolas Zamora former catholic Ginés de Mafra/ Juan Rodriguez Mafra Paco


legal laws Japan


Lo, there do I see my father
 Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters
    and my brothers
 Lo, there do I see the line of my people back
    to the beginning
 Lo, they do call to me
    They bid me take place among them
      in the Halls of Valhalla
    Where the brave may live forever...


I SING the Body electric;   
 The armies of those I love engirth me, and I engirth them;   
They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,   
And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the Soul.   
Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal  
And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead?   
And if the body does not do as much as the Soul?   
And if the body were not the Soul, what is the Soul?


About Me[edit]

Hi !! :]

My name is John Martinez. My full name is John De La Salle Mijares Martinez. I am called Jondel by my family as a shortened version of John De La Salle ( Jean De La Salle), the French saint who promoted education everywhere.

I work for Dempa Publications Inc. ( Dempa Shimbun). Yes I live in Japan.

I speak English, Tagalog, Spanish, Japanese and a little French.

I enjoy chess and watching E. R.. If there is anybody there who plays chess ( or who would like to give me lots of cash ) and lives in Tokyo, PUHLEEEASE contact me (, ) or drop by the Peruvian Restaurant near Gotanda Station and the Peruvian Embassy and give your bags of money.

TO DO[edit]


\-1872 Cavite mutiny -Saint Juan Diego [5] ==User:Jonde/todoTrance


-List of Pre-hispanic datus: Kalantiaw (Research Maragtas),Lapulapu, sikatuna -Horacio de la costa,build upHans Eberstark User:Jondel/Autogenics

  Nagasaki martyrs
  Category: Christianity in Japan
    -discrepancies in human evolution suggestive of divine creation, 
    -network search engine NSE
    -Philippines see bottom.Baybayin , etc.
     Graphs of hwo to learn a language, hysteris curve with phrase and traditional, and direct instead of converting/calculating
   -Jack Scharz do it yourself yoga guy
    -Space development around the world.
   -Tabularize False Friends in Spanish in Philippines
   -Silva, Java processor, accelerator
   -Talk:Marcos Moshinsky
  -High Altitude Airship
    -90 nanometer
   -Kim Bok Man, Paul Cabatingan, Philippine Taek, Hong
   -Mozart effect 
  -Philippine National Railways
    - Philippine Urban Legends: Hitler and Rizal.
   - Images of Noli [6] , others
  List of Historical Errors- (Firm evidence of ) first navigator, first to european to visit america. Geography, Vatican, Monaco are nations.
     - Metrowerks, Codewarrior
  -Gargoyles doesn't work on my page.
  -Filipino folklore -include creatures

-Ancient Jews, lost tribe in Japan[Israelites Came To Ancient Japan ]

  -Malakas at maganda Philppine Mythology/Kapre Apo, origin of man[7]
  -[History of Autogenics], geman autogenics advances in german hypnosis
 -filipino home 
 -- Avicenna [8]
 -Research Gines de Mafra-a Spaniard from Palos, Magellans other seaman , Limasawa mistake
 -When Johnny comes marching home again
-Saint something community of Filipinos in Louisianna stmalo
- Nueva Philappinas,oxas City]]

-desert moloe rat

- Table - Chavacano , Kelin greatest calculator
-Investigate Limasawa, 1512 Portuguese sailors land on Mindanao??. 
-Right Brain
-Gracia Hosokawa Tamako  Christian Jap Martyr
-Metaphors Sacrificial Lamb, scapegoat,Kill the messenger
-Miskito Indians -English Speaking and oppressed by the Sandanistas
 -Significant locations in the Philippines, Antonio
-software platform,Brew platform(done),Microbrowser done
-Visual C++, TinyOS(done),protocol
 -ReincarnationPageJesus Christ's mention of Elijah and the Messiah.
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  -BROADCOM (done), Chinese WAPI
  - Prodigies[Michael Kearney,Masters guy]NN (Japanese proofreading)
  -Hyperball Grid Array
  -Merge Avicenna
   Translate Philippines, languages, Tagalog, E.C.,Antonio Pigafetta

CAyce sayings  : You go to heaven on the wings of the people you've helped. For G did not will that any sould perish.

Translate :Baybayin , SSS-PC, Bangumi, Spanish in the Philippines, Tagalog, languages of the Philippines,Swami Roberto,Fomento Económico Mexicano, S.A.. Describe Mi Ultimo Adios, Get English Translation. Translate Adios into English, Japanese Language Proficiency Exam, SystemC

Pinoy urban legends :Agapito Flores, 2nd largest English speaking country.

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-Ibanag language table


-Expansion on La Liga

-Description of Mi Ultimo Adios

-Florante at Laura

-El Filibusterismo

-Filipino Inventors

-Filipino prodigies.

-Synaptic -Plasticity Eidetic connection History, la solidaridad Sites: Language samples: ,Enrique,Enrique2 ,magellan ,pinoy trivia, questia -The great mental calculators Eugene torre, filipino chess masters


Translate: Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere, Philippine History,Lorenzo Ruiz, Gomburza, La Liga Filipina, Aswang, Philippine English, Chavacano., Manuel Quezon, Spanish in the Philippines


I mentioned the satguru because I am quoting from him. Ok. Raj2004 13:02, 19 Dec 2004 (UTC)


  - Aswang
  -Group Karma. operates in group as a body Individuals with a lesson to teach or contribute no, monopoly,
   Individuals who accelerate evolution, Andean genocide.  Tendency for 
   an individual to incarnate in a group.  Engineer with impractical idealist
   key element evolution. Tie in with reincarnation.
   Reincarnation: unacceptability of Eternal damnation or non-preexistance.
  -List of Archaic spanish preserved in the Philippine languages: Sabon, Relos, Palngke, Tiangge  


Camera phone

Only in the Philippines[edit]

-Softdrink in plastic -Bagoong mango -Jeepney

Only in Japan[edit]

-'Troll like old women who clean the Mens

-'Bowing on the phone

-ice coffee ---we have ice coffee in Canada. I recommend the Iced Cappaccino from Tim Hortons EDGE 06:53, Sep 22, 2004 (UTC)

List of HORRIBLE songs that play in your head and drive you crazy[edit]

-You can ring my bells. Ma bells,

-The Da da da. What you do and what you don't

-Manamana. Beep beeee bidibi.

Elements in Spirituality[edit]

  • Vibration


List of Historical Innacurracies[edit]

  • First mass not in Limasawa
  • First to discover Philippines - Portugese in Mindanao (Limasawa Island)
  • First Circumnavigater -Enrique
  • Another seaman of Magelan-()
  • Code of Kalantiaw
  • Lapulapu

List of Vesre in Tagalog[edit]

  • Erpat from Pater (father)
  • Ermat from Mater (mother)
  • Sampits from Pinsan (cousin)
  • Yosi from sigarilYo (cigarettes)
  • Todits from dito (here)
  • Wetpu from puwet (ass)
  • japorms

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