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Liz Halliday (born 1971) is a British author who writes under the name Mags L Halliday in Doctor Who-series of science fiction. She is distinct from the writer Liz Holliday, who has also contributed to Doctor Who-related science fiction. Her published work includes the Doctor Who novel History 101 (2002)[1][2][3] and contributions to the Faction Paradox series including the novel Warring States (2005).

Halliday contributed material to the Faction Paradox anthology/encyclopedia The Book of the War (2002)[4] about a Russian Soviet splinter group from the Faction whose members include Anastasia Romanova and Rasputin. Her Faction Paradox novel, Warring States focuses on an English Faction agent and a young Chinese woman who come into conflict during the Boxer Rebellion.[5][6]


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