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User instrument userboxes allow for easy identification of Wikipedians who play musical instruments. They can be incorporated into user pages in the same way as user language templates. You can add individual userboxes to your user page, or add a Wikipedia:Instruments box to your user page by using {{User Instruments List}}. A musical instrument is a device constructed or modified for the purpose of making music. In principle, anything that produces sound can serve as a musical instrument. The term "musical instrument", however, is generally reserved for items that have a specific musical purpose such as a piano. The academic study of musical instruments is called organology.

Each userbox is in the form of {{User instrument-#}}, where instrument is replaced by the instrument's name or code (see below), and the number # at the end represents the skill level:

  • 1 for novice ability
  • 2 for intermediate ability
  • 3 for advanced ability
  • 4 if you play the instrument professionally

If you play multiple instruments, use {{User Instruments List}} to group them into one box that is aligned right. This template takes in parameters in the form of instrument-#, same as above. For example, {{User Instruments List|clarinet-4|oboe-3|viola-3|piano-1}} would indicate someone who is a professional clarinetist, an advanced oboist and viola player, and a novice pianist.

These userboxes add you to the category associated with your level of ability, and to the overall category for that instrument. To browse the variety of instruments, see below or Category:Wikipedians by musical instrument.

To create templates and categories for an instrument not listed below, see /Adding.

For other userboxes related to music, see Wikipedia:Userboxes/Music.

Brass instruments


cat {{User euphonium}} cat {{User euphonium-1}} cat {{User euphonium-2}} cat {{User euphonium-3}} cat {{User euphonium-4}}
Euphonium1.JPGThis user plays the euphonium.
euph-1This user is a novice euphonium player.
euph-2This user is an intermediate euphonium player.
euph-3This user is an advanced euphonium player.
euph-4This user is a professional euphonium player.

Horn (instrument)

cat {{User horn}} cat {{User horn-1}} cat {{User horn-2}} cat {{User horn-3}} cat {{User horn-4}}
French-horn.pngThis user plays the horn.
hrn-1This user is a novice horn player.
hrn-2This user is an intermediate horn player.
hrn-3This user is an advanced horn player.
hrn-4This user is a professional horn player.


cat {{User trombone}} cat {{User trombone-1}} cat {{User trombone-2}} cat {{User trombone-3}} cat {{User trombone-4}}
Posaune.gifThis user plays the trombone.
trb-1This user is a novice trombonist.
trb-2This user is an intermediate trombonist.
trb-3This user is an advanced trombonist.
trb-4This user is a professional trombonist.

Bass trombone

cat {{User bass trombone}} cat {{User bass trombone-1}} cat {{User bass trombone-2}} cat {{User bass trombone-3}} cat {{User bass trombone-4}}
Bass trombone.jpgThis user plays the bass trombone.
bstrb-1This user is a novice bass trombonist.
bstrb-2This user is an intermediate bass trombonist.
bstrb-3This user is an advanced bass trombonist.
bstrb-4This user is a professional bass trombonist.


cat {{User trumpet}} cat {{User trumpet-1}} cat {{User trumpet-2}} cat {{User trumpet-3}} cat {{User trumpet-4}}
Trumpet 1.jpgThis user plays the trumpet.
trpt-1This user is a novice trumpet player.
trpt-2This user is an intermediate trumpet player.
trpt-3This user is an advanced trumpet player.
trpt-4This user is a professional trumpet player.


cat {{User cornet}} cat {{User cornet-1}} cat {{User cornet-2}} cat {{User cornet-3}} cat {{User cornet-4}}
Cornet2.pngThis user plays the cornet.
crnt-1This user is a novice cornet player.
crnt-2This user is an intermediate cornet player.
crnt-3This user is an advanced cornet player.
crnt-4This user is a professional cornet player.


cat {{User flugelhorn}} cat {{User flugelhorn-1}} cat {{User flugelhorn-2}} cat {{User flugelhorn-3}} cat {{User flugelhorn-4}}
Flugel-lhside-large.jpgThis user plays the flugelhorn.
fghrn-1This user is a novice flugelhorn player.
fghrn-2This user is an intermediate flugelhorn player.
fghrn-3This user is an advanced flugelhorn player.
fghrn-4This user is a professional flugelhorn player.


cat {{User tuba}} cat {{User tuba-1}} cat {{User tuba-2}} cat {{User tuba-3}} cat {{User tuba-4}}
Tuba.pngThis user plays the tuba.
tuba-1This user is a novice tuba player.
tuba-2This user is an intermediate tuba player.
tuba-3This user is an advanced tuba player.
tuba-4This user is a professional tuba player.

Keyboard instruments


cat {{User fortepiano}} cat {{User fortepiano-1}} cat {{User fortepiano-2}} cat {{User fortepiano-3}} cat {{User fortepiano-4}}
fpnoThis user plays the fortepiano.
fpno-1This user is a novice
fpno-2This user is an intermediate
fpno-3This user is an advanced


cat {{User harpsichord}} cat {{User harpsichord-1}} cat {{User harpsichord-2}} cat {{User harpsichord-3}} cat {{User harpsichord-4}}
hscThis user plays the harpsichord.
hsc-1This user is a novice harpsichordist.
hsc-2This user is an intermediate harpsichordist.
hsc-3This user is an advanced harpsichordist.
hsc-4This user is a professional harpsichordist.

Electronic keyboard

cat {{User keybd}} cat {{User keybd-1}} cat {{User keybd-2}} cat {{User keybd-3}} cat {{User keybd-4}}
kbdThis user plays the keyboard.
kbd-1This user is a novice keyboardist.
kbd-2This user is an intermediate keyboardist.
kbd-3This user is an advanced keyboardist.
kbd-4This user is a professional keyboardist.

Organ (music)

cat {{User org}} cat {{User org-1}} cat {{User org-2}} cat {{User org-3}} cat {{User org-4}}
Pipe organ icon.pngThis user plays the organ.
org-1This user is a novice organist.
org-2This user is an intermediate organist.
org-3This user is an advanced organist.
org-4This user is a professional organist.


cat {{User piano}} cat {{User piano-1}} cat {{User piano-2}} cat {{User piano-3}} cat {{User piano-4}}
Steinway Schriftzug.jpgThis user plays the piano.
pno-1This user is a novice pianist.
pno-2This user is an intermediate pianist.
pno-3This user is an advanced pianist.
pno-4This user is a professional pianist.

Tangent piano

cat {{User tangent piano}} cat {{User tangent piano-1}} cat {{User tangent piano-2}} cat {{User tangent piano-3}} cat {{User tangent piano-4}}
tpnoThis user plays the tangent piano
tpno-1This user is a novice tangent pianist
tpno-2This user is an intermediate tangent pianist
tpno-3This user is an advanced tangent pianist
tpno-4This user is a professional tangent pianist

Percussion instruments

Frame drum

cat {{User frame drum}} cat {{User frame drum-1}} cat {{User frame drum-2}} cat {{User frame drum-3}} cat {{User frame drum-4}}
Parc de Versailles, parterre de Latone, Bacchante, Jean Dedieu 02.jpgThis user plays frame drums.
Template:User frame drum-1 Template:User frame drum-2 Template:User frame drum-3 Template:User frame drum-4


cat {{User bodhrán}} cat {{User bodhrán-1}} cat {{User bodhrán-2}} cat {{User bodhrán-3}} cat {{User bodhrán-4}}
bdhThis user plays the bodhrán.
bdh-1This user is a novice bodhrán player.
bdh-2This user is an intermediate bodhrán player.
bdh-3This user is an advanced bodhrán player.
bdh-4This user is a professional bodhrán player.


cat {{User djembe}} cat {{User djembe-1}} cat {{User djembe-2}} cat {{User djembe-3}} cat {{User djembe-4}}
Manamana 001.jpgThis user plays the djembe.
djem-1This user is a novice djembe player.
djem-2This user is an intermediate djembe player.
djem-3This user is an advanced djembe player.
djem-4This user is a professional djembe player.


cat {{User drums}} cat {{User drums-1}} cat {{User drums-2}} cat {{User drums-3}} cat {{User drums-4}}
Platin Drums PTCL2016 AF.jpg
This user is a drummer.
drm-1This user is a novice drummer.
drm-2This user is an intermediate drummer.
drm-3This user is an advanced drummer.
drm-4This user is a professional drummer.


cat {{User handbell}} cat {{User handbell-1}} cat {{User handbell-2}} cat {{User handbell-3}} cat {{User handbell-4}}
bellThis user plays the handbell.
bell-1This user is a novice handbell player.
bell-2This user is an intermediate handbell player.
bell-3This user is an advanced handbell player.
bell-4This user is a professional handbell player.
Handbells Whitechapel.jpgThis user plays handbells

Front ensemble

cat {{User pit}} cat {{User pit-1}} cat {{User pit-2}} cat {{User pit-3}} cat {{User pit-4}}
pitThis user plays in a front ensemble.
pitThis user plays in a beginner front ensemble.
pitThis user plays in an intermediate front ensemble.
pitThis user plays in an advanced front ensemble.
pitThis user plays in an advanced front ensemble.
{{User pit-0}} {{User pit-I}} {{User pit-II}} {{User pit-III}}
pit-0This user plays in a front ensemble at school.
pit-IThis user plays in a DCI division I front ensemble.
pit-IIThis user plays in a DCI division II front ensemble.
pit-IIIThis user plays in a DCI division III front ensemble.

Keyboard percussion

cat {{User mvx}} cat {{User mvx-1}} cat {{User mvx-2}} cat {{User mvx-3}} cat {{User mvx-4}}
mvxThis user plays the keyboard percussion instruments.
mvx-1This user is a novice keyboard percussionist.
mvx-3This user is an advanced keyboard percussionist.


cat {{User m-v}} cat {{User m-1}} cat {{User m-2}} cat {{User m-3}} cat {{User m-4}}
mThis user is a marimba virtuoso.
mba-1This user is a novice marimbist.
mba-2This user is an intermediate marimbist.
mba-3This user is an advanced marimbist.
mba-4This user is a professional marimbist.


cat {{User percussion}} cat {{User percussion-1}} cat {{User percussion-2}} cat {{User percussion-3}} cat {{User percussion-4}}
percThis user plays percussion instruments.
perc-1This user is a novice percussionist.
perc-2This user is an intermediate percussionist.
perc-3This user is an advanced percussionist.
perc-4This user is a professional percussionist.

Triangle (instrument)

cat {{User triangle}} cat {{User triangle-1}} cat {{User triangle-2}} cat {{User triangle-3}} cat {{User triangle-4}}
triThis user plays the triangle.
tri-1This user is a novice triangle player.
tri-2This user is an intermediate triangle player.
tri-3This user is an advanced triangle player.
tri-4This user is a professional triangle player.


cat {{User vibes}} cat {{User vibes-1}} cat {{User vibes-2}} cat {{User vibes-3}} cat {{User vibes-4}}
vThis user plays the vibraphone.
vibes-1This user is a novice vibraphonist.
vibes-2This user is an intermediate vibraphonist.
vibes-3This user is an advanced vibraphonist.
vibes-4This user is a professional vibraphonist.


cat {{User xylo}} cat {{User xylo-1}} cat {{User xylo-2}} cat {{User xylo-3}} cat {{User xylo-4}}
xThis user plays the xylophone.
xylo-1This user is a novice xylophonist.
xylo-2This user is an intermediate xylophonist.
xylo-3This user is an advanced xylophonist.
xylo-4This user is a professional xylophonist.

String instruments


cat {{User балалайка}} cat {{User балалайка-1}} cat {{User балалайка-2}} cat {{User балалайка-3}} cat {{User балалайка-4}}
balThis user plays the балалайка.
bal-1This user is a novice balalaika player.
bal-2This user is an intermediate balalaika player.
bal-3This user is an advanced balalaika player.
bal-4This user is a professional balalaika player.


cat {{User banjo}} cat {{User banjo-1}} cat {{User banjo-2}} cat {{User banjo-3}} cat {{User banjo-4}}
bnjThis user plays the banjo.
bnj-1This user is a novice banjo player.
bnj-2This user is an intermediate banjo player.
bnj-3This user is an advanced banjo player.
bnj-4This user is a professional banjo player.

Bass guitar

cat {{User bss}} cat {{User bss-1}} cat {{User bss-2}} cat {{User bss-3}} cat {{User bss-4}}
bssThis user sings bass or baritone in a choir or musical ensemble.
bss-1This user is a novice bass guitarist.
bss-2This user is an intermediate bass guitarist.
bss-3This user is an advanced bass guitarist.
bss-4This user is a professional bass guitarist.
{{User bass guitar}}
5-string bass.pngThis user plays the bass guitar.

Double bass

cat {{User bass}} cat {{User bass-1}} cat {{User bass-2}} cat {{User bass-3}} cat {{User bass-4}}
Ron plays.JPGThis user plays the double bass, and thus requires this extra-large userbox to show it.
bass-1This user is a novice double bassist.
bass-2This user is an intermediate double bassist.
bass-3This user is an advanced double bassist.
bass-4This user is a professional double bassist.


cat {{User cello}} cat {{User cello-1}} cat {{User cello-2}} cat {{User cello-3}} cat {{User cello-4}}
Cello front side.pngThis user plays the cello.
cel-1This user is a novice cellist.
cel-2This user is an intermediate cellist.
cel-3This user is an advanced cellist.
cel-4This user is a professional cellist.


cat {{User домра}} cat {{User домра-1}} cat {{User домра-2}} cat {{User домра-3}} cat {{User домра-4}}
Домра эксп. цеха фабрики Луначарского, 1970-е.JPGThis user plays the домра.
Template:User домра-1 Template:User домра-2 Template:User домра-3 Template:User домра-4


cat {{User guitar}} cat {{User guitar-1}} cat {{User guitar-2}} cat {{User guitar-3}} cat {{User guitar-4}}
🎸This user plays the guitar.
gtr-1This user is a novice guitarist.
gtr-2This user is an intermediate guitarist.
gtr-3This user is an advanced guitarist.
gtr-4This user is a professional guitarist.

Hammered dulcimer

cat {{User hammered dulcimer}} cat {{User hammered dulcimer-1}} cat {{User hammered dulcimer-2}} cat {{User hammered dulcimer-3}} cat {{User hammered dulcimer-4}}
Hammered dulcimer.JPGThis user plays the hammered dulcimer.


cat {{User harp}} cat {{User harp-1}} cat {{User harp-2}} cat {{User harp-3}} cat {{User harp-4}}
Harp.jpgThis user plays the harp.
harp-1This user is a novice harpist.
harp-2This user is an intermediate harpist.
harp-3This user is an advanced harpist.
harp-4This user is a professional harpist.


cat {{User hurdy-gurdy}} cat {{User hurdy-gurdy-1}} cat {{User hurdy-gurdy-2}} cat {{User hurdy-gurdy-3}} cat {{User hurdy-gurdy-4}}
Stille Volk Theix Motocultor 2012 17082012 4.jpgThis user plays the hurdy-gurdy.
hg-1This user is a novice hurdy-gurdy player.
hg-3This user is an advanced hurdy-gurdy player.


cat {{User lute}} cat {{User lute-1}} cat {{User lute-2}} cat {{User lute-3}} cat {{User lute-4}}
Lute 3.svgThis user plays the lute.
lute-1This user is a novice lutenist.
lute-2This user is an intermediate lutenist.
lute-3This user is an advanced lutenist.
lute-4This user is a professional lutenist.


cat {{User mandolin}} cat {{User mandolin-1}} cat {{User mandolin-2}} cat {{User mandolin-3}} cat {{User mandolin-4}}
Mandolin1.jpgThis user plays the mandolin.
mnd-1This user is a novice mandolinist.
mnd-2This user is an intermediate mandolinist.
mnd-3This user is an advanced mandolinist.
mnd-4This user is a professional mandolinist.


cat {{User oud}} cat {{User oud-1}} cat {{User oud-2}} cat {{User oud-3}} cat {{User oud-4}}
🎸This user plays the Oud.
oud-1This user is a novice oudist.
oud-2This user is an intermediate oudist.
oud-3This user is an advanced oudist.
oud-4This user is a professional oudist.


cat {{User psaltery}} cat {{User psaltery-1}} cat {{User psaltery-2}} cat {{User psaltery-3}} cat {{User psaltery-4}}
pstThis user plays the psaltery.
pst-1This user is a novice psaltery player.
pst-2This user is an intermediate psaltery player.
pst-3This user is an advanced psaltery player.
pst-4This user is a professional psaltery player.

Tres (instrument)

cat {{User tres}} cat {{User tres-1}} cat {{User tres-2}} cat {{User tres-3}} cat {{User tres-4}}
Trescubano.jpgThis user plays the tres.
tres-1This user is a novice tres player.
tres-2This user is an intermediate tres player.
tres-3This user is an advanced tres player.
tres-4This user is a professional tres player.


cat {{User ukulele}} cat {{User ukulele-1}} cat {{User ukulele-2}} cat {{User ukulele-3}} cat {{User ukulele-4}}
Ukulele1.pngThis user plays the ukulele.
uke-1This user is a novice ukulele player.
uke-2This user is an intermediate ukulele player.
uke-3This user is an advanced ukulele player.
uke-4This user is a professional ukulele player.


cat {{User viol}} cat {{User viol-1}} cat {{User viol-2}} cat {{User viol-3}} cat {{User viol-4}}
vdgThis user plays the viol.
vdg-1This user is a novice viol player.
vdg-2This user is an intermediate viol player.
vdg-3This user is an advanced viol player.
vdg-4This user is a professional viol player.


cat {{User viola}} cat {{User viola-1}} cat {{User viola-2}} cat {{User viola-3}} cat {{User viola-4}}
Playing viola.jpgThis user plays the viola.
vla-1This user is a novice viola player.
vla-2This user is an intermediate viola player.
vla-3This user is an advanced viola player.
vla-4This user is a professional viola player.


cat {{User violin}} cat {{User violin-1}} cat {{User violin-2}} cat {{User violin-3}} cat {{User violin-4}}
Old violin.jpgThis user plays the violin.
vln-1This user is a novice violinist.
vln-2This user is an intermediate violinist.
vln-3This user is an advanced violinist.
vln-4This user is a professional violinist.

Woodwind instruments

Great Highland Bagpipe

cat {{User Highland Bagpipes}} cat {{User Highland Bagpipes-1}} cat {{User Highland Bagpipes-2}} cat {{User Highland Bagpipes-3}} cat {{User Highland Bagpipes-4}}
GHBThis user plays the Great Highland Bagpipe.
GHB-1This user is a novice bagpipe player.
GHB-2This user is an intermediate bagpipe player.
GHB-3This user is an advanced bagpipe player.
GHB-4This user is a professional bagpipe player.


cat {{User bassoon}} cat {{User bassoon-1}} cat {{User bassoon-2}} cat {{User bassoon-3}} cat {{User bassoon-4}}
Bassoon (PSF).pngThis user plays the bassoon, and thus requires this extra-large userbox to show it.
bsn-1This user is a novice bassoonist.
bsn-2This user is an intermediate bassoonist.
bsn-3This user is an advanced bassoonist.
bsn-4This user is a professional bassoonist.


cat {{User clarinet}} cat {{User clarinet-1}} cat {{User clarinet-2}} cat {{User clarinet-3}} cat {{User clarinet-4}}
S+S Satz Mopane.jpgThis user plays the clarinet.
clar-1This user is a novice clarinetist.
clar-2This user is an intermediate clarinetist.
clar-3This user is an advanced clarinetist.
clar-4This user is a professional clarinetist.


cat {{User didgeridoo}} cat {{User didgeridoo-1}} cat {{User didgeridoo-2}} cat {{User didgeridoo-3}} cat {{User didgeridoo-4}}
Didgeridoo.jpgThis user plays the didgeridoo

Fife (instrument)

cat {{User fife}} cat {{User fife-1}} cat {{User fife-2}} cat {{User fife-3}} cat {{User fife-4}}
fifeThis user plays the fife.
fife-1This user is a novice fife player.
fife-2This user is an intermediate fife player.
fife-3This user is an advanced fife player.
fife-4This user is a professional fife player.


cat {{User flute}} cat {{User flute-1}} cat {{User flute-2}} cat {{User flute-3}} cat {{User flute-4}}
Flute Head.JPGThis user plays the flute.
flute-1This user is a novice flautist.
flute-2This user is an intermediate flautist.
flute-3This user is an advanced flautist.
flute-4This user is a professional flautist.
 Once upon a time, this user played a
Western concert flute.png


cat {{User kazoo}} cat {{User kazoo-1}} cat {{User kazoo-2}} cat {{User kazoo-3}} cat {{User kazoo-4}}
kzoThis user plays the kazoo.
kzo-1This user is a novice kazoo player.
kzo-2This user is an intermediate kazoo player.
kzo-3This user is an advanced kazoo player.
kzo-4This user is a professional kazoo player.


cat {{User oboe}} cat {{User oboe-1}} cat {{User oboe-2}} cat {{User oboe-3}} cat {{User oboe-4}}
Oboe modern.jpgThis user plays the oboe.
ob-1This user is a novice oboist.
ob-2This user is an intermediate oboist.
ob-3This user is an advanced oboist.
ob-4This user is a professional oboist.


cat {{User ocarina}} cat {{User ocarina-1}} cat {{User ocarina-2}} cat {{User ocarina-3}} cat {{User ocarina-4}}
ocaThis user plays the ocarina.
oca-1This user is a novice ocarina player.
oca-2This user is an intermediate ocarina player.
oca-3This user is an advanced ocarina player.
oca-4This user is a professional ocarina player.


cat {{User picc}} cat {{User picc-1}} cat {{User picc-2}} cat {{User picc-3}} cat {{User picc-4}}
piccThis user plays the piccolo.
picc-1This user is a novice piccolo player.
picc-2This user is an intermediate piccolo player.
picc-3This user is an advanced piccolo player.
picc-4This user is a professional piccolo player.


cat {{User recorder}} cat {{User recorder-1}} cat {{User recorder-2}} cat {{User recorder-3}} cat {{User recorder-4}}
Recorder.jpgThis user plays the recorder.
rec-1This user is a novice recorder player.
rec-2This user is an intermediate recorder player.
rec-3This user is an advanced recorder player.
rec-4This user is a professional recorder player.


cat {{User sax}} cat {{User sax-1}} cat {{User sax-2}} cat {{User sax-3}} cat {{User sax-4}}
saxThis user plays the saxophone.
sax-1This user is a novice saxophonist.
sax-2This user is an intermediate saxophonist.
sax-3This user is an advanced saxophonist.
sax-4This user is a professional saxophonist.

Tin whistle

cat {{User tin whistle}} cat {{User tin whistle-1}} cat {{User tin whistle-2}} cat {{User tin whistle-3}} cat {{User tin whistle-4}}
Tin Whistles.jpgThis user plays the tin whistle.
tin-1This user is a novice tin whistle player.
tin-2This user is an intermediate tin whistle player.
tin-3This user is an advanced tin whistle player.
tin-4This user is a professional tin whistle player.



cat {{User vocals-0}} cat {{User vocals-1}} cat {{User vocals-2}} cat {{User vocals-3}} cat {{User vocals-4}}
voc-0This person cannot sing in tune (or has very poor singing skills).
voc-1This user is a novice vocalist.
voc-2This user is an intermediate vocalist.
voc-3This user is an advanced vocalist.
voc-4This user is a professional vocalist.



cat {{User accordion}} cat {{User accordion-1}} cat {{User accordion-2}} cat {{User accordion-3}} cat {{User accordion-4}}
accThis user plays the accordion.
acc-1This user is a novice accordionist.
acc-2This user is an intermediate accordionist.
acc-3This user is an advanced accordionist.
acc-4This user is a professional accordionist.


cat {{User melodeon player}} cat {{User melodeon player-1}} cat {{User melodeon player-2}} cat {{User melodeon player-3}} cat {{User melodeon player-4}}
Accordéon diatonique.jpgThis user plays the melodeon.
mdn-1This user is a novice melodeon player.
mdn-2This user is an intermediate melodeon player.
mdn-3This user is an advanced melodeon player.


cat {{User DJs}} cat {{User DJs-1}} cat {{User DJs-2}} cat {{User DJs-3}} cat {{User DJs-4}}
DJThis user plays the turntable.
DJ-1This user is a novice DJ.
DJ-2This user is an intermediate DJ.
DJ-3This user is an advanced DJ.
DJ-4This user is a professional DJ.


cat {{User harmonica}} cat {{User harmonica-1}} cat {{User harmonica-2}} cat {{User harmonica-3}} cat {{User harmonica-4}}
Chromonica.jpgThis user plays the harmonica.
harm-1This user is a novice harmonica player.
harm-3This user is an advanced harmonica player.

Mouth organ

cat {{User mouth organ}} cat {{User mouth organ-1}} cat {{User mouth organ-2}} cat {{User mouth organ-3}} cat {{User mouth organ-4}}
Chromonica.jpgThis user plays the mouth organ.

Jew's Harp

cat {{User jaw harp}} cat {{User jew's harp-1}} cat {{User jew's harp-2}} cat {{User jew's harp-3}} cat {{User jew's harp-4}}
Morsing2.jpgThis user plays the jew's harp.
jh-1This user is a novice Jew's harp player.
jh-2This user is an intermediate Jew's harp player.
jh-3This user is an advanced Jew's harp player.
jh-4This user is a professional Jew's harp player.

Air guitar

cat {{User air guitar-1}} {{User air guitar-2}} {{User air guitar-3}} {{User air guitar-4}}
arg-1This user is a novice air guitarist.
arg-2This user is an intermediate air guitarist.
arg-3This user is an advanced air guitarist.
arg-4This user is a professional air guitarist.


cat {{User ther}} cat {{User ther-1}} cat {{User ther-2}} cat {{User ther-3}} cat {{User ther-4}}
therThis user plays the theremin.
ther-1This user is a novice thereminist.
ther-2This user is an intermediate thereminist.
ther-3This user is an advanced thereminist.
ther-4This user is a professional thereminist.