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Operation Joshua, also known as Operation Sheba,[1] was the 1985 airlifting of Ethiopian Jews from refugee camps in Sudan to Israel.

Ethiopian Jews had fled to refugee camps in Sudan from a severe famine in their country. The Israeli Operation Moses had previously airlifted 8000 people to Israel from November 21, 1984, to January 5, 1985,[2] but when word leaked out to the press, under pressure from other Muslim countries, Sudan blocked further flights,[3][4] leaving many behind.

All 100 United States senators signed a secret petition to President Ronald Reagan, asking him to have the evacuation resumed.[3] Vice President George H. W. Bush then arranged a follow-up mission called Operation Joshua.[1] On March 22, 1985, six United States Air Force C-130 Hercules transport aircraft were dispatched, landing near Al Qadarif. "Around 500",[1] "more than 500"[3] or "around 650"[4] Jews were located and transported to Uvda Airbase in southern Israel.

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