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John Kerry[edit]

Any suggestions? [[User:Neutrality|Neutrality (talk)]] 03:33, Sep 24, 2004 (UTC)

A lot of good work. Very close to a featured article in my opinion. Nominating it there is likely to get objections from people that don't want another political article on the main page and don't understand that featured and on the main page are two separate things. - Taxman 14:52, Sep 25, 2004 (UTC)
A few specific items I noticed
  • Overall it faces a difficulty of covering a bit too much of the less important topic. For example the campaigning for congress section is very detailed considering he lost and in comparison to his successful bids for Lt Gov. and Senate getting only a few sentances. The campaigning for congress section is also difficult to undersand and follow for anyone not already familiar with the details. Maybe it should be in news style to give the important details up front.
  • Way too many one sentence paragraphs.
  • Sponsorship of legislation section is only one sentence. It should be merged somewhere else or expanded a bit.
  • The committee assignments listing could stand be moved out, perhaps to another sub article such as politics of John Kerry or similar.
Unlikely to get through WP:FAC on the simple objection that it's an edit war battleground. Same reason George W. Bush wouldn't get through - David Gerard 15:26, 25 Sep 2004 (UTC)