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It has contradicting sources about the symbol tree of this province:

  • [1] says Ironwood
  • The TAT [2] also says Ironwood
  • The Ministery of the Interior in their province guide say Ficus religiosa [3]
  • [4] also says Ficus religiosa, but most probable copied from the above site, as it also uses the same image

andy 19:51, 6 Aug 2003 (UTC)

Spelling of พิจิตร[edit]

What is the correct Thai spelling of Phichit? According to User:Media lib it should be พิจิตร์, however almost all sources spell it พิจิตร without the additional mark to make the last letter silent. The google test is 80,000:20, and the government pages are among the 80,000. Also in my books I only found the spelling without the mark. However the letter is really silent, thus it would be logical to put that mark. But I somehow doubt that the official spelling really has that mark, the google test is a bit too clear to make the version without just a common mistake. Can anyone give an insight on it? andy 22:03, 28 Nov 2004 (UTC)

I apologize for having confused matters here. Yesterday I drove nearby Amphoe Mueang Phichit - not because of that silent letter. The official spelling is indeed พิจิตร. In the future I will believe google more, I promise. To Andy: will rev the German text. --Media lib 02:56, 1 Dec 2004 (UTC)
Actually it's not silent, it's a final consonant cluster. But since this form of final consonant cluster is only '-xร', no one pronounces the last 'ร'. Here are some common words: บุตร, สมัคร, สมุทร. Also Thaksin Shinawatra's last name, see Thai (pronounced 'chin na wat'). Notice that the romanized '-xร' often be '-xr' or '-xra'. Conclusion, simplified, it is an extra rule of final consonant cluster, applied only for '-xร'. Please note that there is no such real rule, but I put here for ease of understand. -- PaePae 12:44, 16 Dec 2004 (UTC)
Additional, for reference, it is a sort of 'real consonant cluster' (คำควบแท้ or คำควบกล้ำแท้), one of two consonant cluster classes. Opposed to 'unreal consonant cluster' (คำควบไม่แท้ or คำควบกล้ำไม่แท้) -- PaePae 13:43, 16 Dec 2004 (UTC)