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Well Steinsky has moved his "own" article to Lillington, Dorset, so I've removed the request move notice from here.

I don't think that Lillington, Warwickshire warrants its own article for that mere one paragraph's worth of information. But then I don't think that Lillington, Dorset warrants its own article for the even smaller amount of information that it currently has, either. — 20:19, 4 Jan 2005 (UTC)

LillingtonLillington, Dorset[edit]

This page has only one editor, Steinsky, who reverts attempts to list any other Lillingtons here, even though the links to them from other articles point here. Given that Steinsky comes from Dorset himself, were we not assuming good faith we might conclude that this page is a mere vanity page for his home village, population: 82 people. Assuming good faith, however, I suggest that this (one sentence) page be renamed to follow the example of Cambridge, Gloucestershire.

Although, given the lack of primacy of any of them (in contrast to the cases for Ipswich and Cambridge) and given the lack of notability too (The Warwickshire Lillington is much larger than the Dorset Lillington, is a village and not a hamlet, and probably has a little more to be said about it than just its population and proximity to other places; but even so it barely warrants more than a paragraph.), my first preference is actually for all "Lillington"s (the UK places, the London gardens by that name, and the various persons) to be sections on a single Lillington page, just as all of the various "vanity"s can be found at Vanity. But Steinsky has actively resisted taking any steps along that route. Letting him retain his "own" Lillington page, discussing the hamlet in Dorset and nothing else, as he clearly wants, is an alternative. -- 17:10, 3 Jan 2005 (UTC)

  • First off, I suggest you either log in or create an account. Logged in users can move pages to a new article name if there isn't yet an article with that name. Second, I agree that Lillington should be a comglomerate article on all things named "Lillington", unless one such thing rises to such a prominence that it deserves the article name. (Although before such a rise happens, it would probably have grown to be Lillington, XXXX and so be more complicated.) I find the move (at least a move requiring admin intervention) to be not needed, so I object. Further, I'm editting the article back to a disambiguation page. - UtherSRG 17:33, Jan 3, 2005 (UTC)
  • Ah, the old create an account canned response! Please take note that requesting the move here has actually achieved more than simply doing it would have. In particular, it caused someone else to add Lillington, North Carolina to the mix, which was overlooked above. -- 14:50, 4 Jan 2005 (UTC)